1 years ago
Relocated to /trash/
Well that pretty much killed all hope of this fetish really taking off or growing any kind of community. I probably won't be making anymore edits because of this, personally. Was fun while it lasted.
1 years ago
yeah getting the thread on /d/ removed is a huge setback, but it's not the end as long as people still like this stuff and keep making more.

there are other places for discussions and image sharing, it's just that /d/ was the easiest place for newcomers to find it. maybe this forum section gets more active, and the discord still has people in it regularly (though the image sharing is pretty slow usually). we could even migrate to 8ch's /d/ for a while, that's where some of the caption thread people went. their catalog even has a censor thread from like 2015.
1 years ago
I'm mainly miffed that after uploading 1,5k images here the threads got killed. Feels like a huge waste of effort now if this shrivels off and dies, because I don't need this booru for myself really. I got everything neatly tagged on my own end and I'd rather censor what I like than download someone else's work. I'll be on board with a new start somewhere else.

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