1 years ago
Mass Downloader tool
Here's a tool to help you mass download images from this booru. It will by default let you find images on the other, more popular boorus as well.


To add censoredbooru to the sites list:
1. On launch, you get an empty search tab, in the bottom left there is a button Sources.
2. In the Sources dialog, in the bottom left there is a button Add.
3. In the Add dialog, for Type, uncheck the box for Guess and from the dropdown select "Gelbooru (0.1)". For URL, use "censored.booru.org".
4. In the Sources dialog, you can now check censoredbooru as a source and your searches will find the images from here.

EDIT: Seems like you need to use at least one valid tag in your search, an empty or missing prefix search string only finds the first page of 20 images.

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