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Rules for posting and tagging
Hi all, welcome to censoredbooru, an image board website dedicated to intentionally censored hentai images.

Posting rules:
1. NO FEMALE NUDITY. The point of this fetish is the denial of nudity, so posts that do not deny nudity do not belong. At a minimum, this means that the nipples/areolae and pussy should be covered. (If they are not completely covered, then they need the minimal_censoring tag so people can blacklist it)

2. No gore/guro, scat, bestiality, or furry/anthro. These things are banned from 4chan's /d/, and since the idea for this site began there, they will also be banned from here.

3. Please use the report button if you see any images breaking these rules so that I can remove them.

Tagging guidelines:
1. These strings will cause the tags to be colored:

2. When mass uploading without tagging individual images, please at least add the following tags so users can easily find what needs to be tagged:
tagme (if there are not at least 4 tags)

3. I will be using the futanari tag as slang for "girl with a dick". If you really care to make the distinction bewteen different types of dickgirls, go ahead and tag them, but leave the futanari tag as it is.
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Here are some of the tags specific to this booru

(moved this to a new topic http://censored.booru.org//index...orum&s=view&id=7)
9 months ago
It was probably confusing to leave the old rule against loli content in the main post. I don't want to delete it completely though so I'll just move it here.

2. ***UPDATE*** A while back, booru.org switched away from the advertisers that didn't want loli content. Therefore there's no need to enforce this rule anymore.
---No loli. Due to being hosted on booru.org, something about their advertisers means that loli/shota content is not allowed. See here for how they define "loli" with some examples http://forum.booru.org/index.php...amp;forum=1&topic=36. I'll try be as lenient as I can, but this rule is not mine.---

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