1 years ago
some tools to help with uploading/tagging
The normal process of uploading and tagging images is pretty tedious, so I'm sharing some of the scripts I've found to speed it up some.

1. You will need to get a userscript addon for your browser. I'm using one called TamperMonkey. (be careful what sorts of scripts you allow with this addon, only use scripts that are well documented from trustworthy sources)

2. From these two github pages, click the green Clone or Download button and download the repository as a zip.

Mass uploader

Augmentation (auto-complete search, on-page tag editor)

3. In your userscript addon, add the zip file from github. For TamperMonkey, open the dashboard, go to the Utilities tab, in the File Import section upload the the zip from github.

4. congratulations it should work and the scripts will run automatically while you are on sites marked in their headers. you can modify this if you don't want it on every booru site.

Script "Copy tags from Danbooru" (read other posts in this thread for more details)
This is a userscript you can install that will take an image on here, send it to iqdb, and try to copy over the tags of the closest match on danbooru. It works for just about every image that exists on danbooru, though it will copy bad tags if it doesn't find the correct image, so make sure you don't save those.
1 years ago
also here's the mass tag editor I found, but I've yet to use it myself. pretty sure its also a userscript like the others.

1 years ago
I made a userscript to make tagging easier, it searches for the image on danbooru via iqdb and then gets the tags from danbooru: https://pastebin.com/ULMACqJQ

You use it with tampermonkey or greasemonkey (I haven't tested it on firefox, but it should work) like the scripts above. It will add a "search tags" button under the image next to the other options for the image if the image has a "tagme" tag. Tampermonkey will ask for permission twice (once for contacting iqdb and once for contacting danbooru), I suggest you click "always allow".

When you click the button it will add the danbooru tags to the tag editing box and open the original image in a new tab. The reason it opens the original image is to make it easier to spot when iqdb returns the wrong image with the wrong tags, although this isn't very common in my experience (it might be more common with other censorship styles). If you don't want the original image to be opened, you can set the "openOriginal" variable on line 16 to false.

On line 11-15, you can specify tags you want replaced, added or removed from the tags the script found on danbooru. By default it will replace "ass" with "censored ass", "breasts" with "censored_breasts", "pussy" with "censored_pussy" and remove a bunch of explicit tags. You might want to review these default settings.

You should also always manually check the added tags to make sure they're still applicable and not hidden under some censor bar (e.g. "blue_eyes" when eyes are censored). And don't forget to add the necessary censorship tags.

It's worth noting that the script will fail for high resolution images due to iqdb's maximum image file size. Even if it takes 10-20 seconds, it doesn't necessarily mean the script has failed: iqdb will sometimes make you wait for a while, although generally the script gets the tags within 2 seconds.
1 years ago
oh wow this looks like it will save me tons of typing. thanks for sharing this.

for the tags you ignore, I'd say that tags that describe states of undress (nude, topless, bottomless, no_bra, no_panties, etc) should be kept. It's still useful for searching on here.

Also I'm not sure where to add this, but I'd like to have the script remove tags like artist_request, character_request, and tagme when it returns a valid tag list.
1 years ago
I was removing those tags because it's usually not possible to see whether a character is wearing panties/bra/... under the censor (in my censors at least) and sometimes captions allude to that.

Removing tags that are already present is currently not possible, I'd have to write some extra code to do that.
10 months ago
looks like danbooru's update yesterday broke this script. it can find the image with iqdb, but it doesn't get the tags from danbooru anymore. maybe this weekend if I get time I'll look closer at what danbooru changed and try to fix it.
10 months ago
It looks like the exact html string the script was looking for got changed, so it wasn't finding anything. I changed it to look for something that's less likely to get changed, and it's working again.


I also neglected to try and support the new Meta tag category, since most of them won't apply to the booru here. The only one that comes to mind is game_cg. Just check the meta tags as you verify that the correct image was found.
6 months ago

I've made a few changes to the tagging script

1. Button for script now appears for every image. Previously the image needed a tagme tag, and to not be the most recently uploaded.
2. Changed button name to "Danbooru tags" and placed it beside Tag History
3. Changed the default tags ignored from Danbooru, using fewer so you can search here based on the original.
4. Added support for the new Meta tag category on Danbooru
5. Removes tagme, artist_request, and character_request tags if the real tag was found

Features I might work on next
- a second script to run for gelbooru when danbooru doesn't have the image

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