9 months ago
When you submit an alias, tell me about it here
We've gotten a few pages of aliases now, so it's harder for me to see when there's a new one that needs to be enabled by the admin. If you submit an alias, post in this thread so I know there's something to do about it.

Here are the guidelines for aliases:
1. Ideally I'd like the tags here to line up with danbooru/gelbooru. When there's differences, I like to lean towards the danbooru spelling, but it's up to preference really.
2. The admin panel errors out on special characters like ' and &, those aliases are stuck in limbo since I can't approve or reject them.
3. I don't want to approve an alias that would prevent tags from being searched. Anything tagged with the left side tag needs to be tagged with the proper right side tag before I will approve the alias.

We can use aliases for synonyms, alternate spellings, and abbreviations. Don't be afraid to submit one for a tag you like to search for often. And you can always post here if you are unsure what to use for it.
9 months ago
I decided to make an new alias for otoko_no_ko -> trap because they are used the same way, but trap was the more used one. I've already retagged eveerything to be under trap as well.

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