1 years ago
Issue With The Alias System
Hello. I know I discussed this with Censored in the comments of one of my uploaded images, but I figured continuing the discussion would be better suited for the forums.

I tried searching for tracer today after the alias was approved and it once again did not return the image tagged with 'character:tracer'. I assume this is because the alias system does not account for the lack of a prefix, like with other characters you can search for such as 'satonaka_chie' or 'amagi_yukiko'.

The best solution I can think of is to have all of the Overwatch characters possess two different alias entries, for example 'tracer' and 'character:tracer' which both redirect to the same thing.

There may be another way around it though, so it's probably worth asking about before submiting a ton of different alias entries for no reason.
1 years ago
we definitely don't need lots of aliases just to handle the prefixes. we can make aliases for the case of name > name_(overwatch), my logic being that if someone knows to use the prefix, then they should know to use the _(overwatch) part. however, mei_(overwatch) doesn't need an alias, because her name is too ambiguous to immediately assume they want the mei from overwatch.

I want to base the tags here on the existing tags on the bigger boorus, they have wikis that document how, when, and why to use certain tags. the aliases here should help people search to find things the same way they would on danbooru or gelbooru.

some other notes about aliases:
1. anyone can submit an alias, but I have to enable them on the admin panel. also, the admin panel does not allow me to delete aliases, I can only change them to accepted, pending, or rejected.
2. an apostrophe (') and likely a quotation mark (") aren't handled properly by the admin panel. my example is the maiddragon alias currently there, when I go to accept or reject it, an error occurs and it stays pending.
3. an active alias will correct any new tags on an image, but it will not change existing tags. for example I can type ntr as a tag and the alias will correct it to be netorare, but making the alias disables searching for images that were previously tagged with just ntr and not netorare.

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