1 years ago
Question about tagging - Original or Censored?
Should the tags orientate themselves on the original image or on the censored version?

For example http://censored.booru.org/index....st&s=view&id=3144 has nipple piercing tagged, which is correct when looking at the original (https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1430047), but is not really something you can tell from the censored version.

The actual reason why I am asking is that I usually don't add breasts/pussy to the tags, if I tag censored_breasts/censored_pussy & black_box_censoring.
Should I add those nonetheless?
1 years ago
My approach has been to tag what I can see, it doesn't make sense to tag something that isn't visible in the image. I normally don't tag breasts/pussy/ass because those are almost always censored. I do tag feet/armpits/navel even when they are censored because they are also fetishes.

The reason you see ones like your example where the stuff tagged isn't visible from the censoring is because the other approach to tagging is to copy the tags of the original from danbooru/gelbooru/sankaku/etc, then adding on the prefixes and censor tags.

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