1 years ago
Tagging To-Do List
There's always lots of things that need to be tagged, or tags that need fixing. As more images get uploaded the tagging work gets even bigger, especially concerning keeping tags consistent.

Here I will list out the things that need tagging or fixing, 1 so that I remember what needs doing, and 2 so that others who want to help out know what to do.

1. censor_request
There are a number of images with censor_request instead of the censor specific tags (see the tag list thread for help on these). Most of them are from CCA's early uploads, and they also need the editor:cca tag.

2. fixing prefixes
Some of CCA's uploads were from before I implemented the prefixes to color tags. They need someone to go through them and fix the tags to include the prefixes. Also most will need editor:cca as well since the editor tags were implemented at the same time as the prefixes.

3. fixing inconsistencies and making aliases
Most of the tags here are taken from either gelbooru, danbooru, or sankakuchannel, but those sites sometimes spell the same tag differently. We can make an alias to enforce consistent tagging, but first I need to know which tags have different spellings, and then existing tags with the aliased spelling need to be changed before implementing the alias (otherwise images with only the aliased spelling are impossible to search since the alias changes your search term).

An example of an alias I plan to make would be series:fate_(series) > series:fate. The danbooru tag is fate_(series), but I think it looks redundant with the prefix and suffix both being series. Once the existing tags with series:fate_(series) are changed, I can use the alias to enforce the tag to always be series:fate, even if the person tagging or searching spells it as series:fate_(series).

Other examples of aliases would be japanese vs english names. The bigger boorus usually show the tags in the japanese name, so the aliases would be english name > japanese name.

A general tag that needs an alias would be thigh-highs > thighhighs. Images here have both spellings, which means that some images get excluded when searching on only one spelling.

4. more specific caption tags
In the Censor Tag List post, I list out some caption tags that someone suggested but I haven't been able to go tag every caption with them. They are long_caption and short_caption and then first_person_caption, second_person_caption, and third_person_caption. See the Tag List Post for how they are defined.

5. tagme posts
I use the tagme tag to find the images that need lots of general tags. When uploading, the booru will automatically place tagme as a tag for any image with 4 or less tags. You can also add it yourself if you want someone else to help tag the image.

6. artist_request and character_request
For the most part I have tagged all of the images where I can find the source with reverse image search. The ones that still have artist and character request tags will need someone to recognize the original and search for it. The exception is the tagme ones with the _request tags, the tagme means that it hasn't been looked at yet.

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