TitleCreated byUpdatedReplies
Sticky: Guide to sourcing and tagging imagescensored2 weeks ago0
Sticky: some tools to help with uploading/taggingcensored4 weeks ago7
Sticky: Rules for posting and taggingcensored3 months ago2
Sticky: Donation Linkcensored3 months ago0
Sticky: Censor Tag List and tag discussioncensored7 months ago8
Sticky: A guide to making censors in GIMPcensored8 months ago2
1 Year Anniversarycensored2 weeks ago1
Checklist for taggingcensored3 weeks ago0
Temporary stopping of new account registrationcensored1 months ago3
Changing light_censoring to minimal_censoringcensored1 months ago0
Taking requests for censoringcensored1 months ago0
Option to fit or auto fit picture size?Kiri-Be2 months ago2
Please don't post images of real peoplecensored2 months ago3
When you submit an alias, tell me about it herecensored3 months ago1
The (Not So) Secret Santa of 2017!RenZenTenDen3 months ago3
Donations?Footfag3 months ago2
How many people want loli and or furry content here? (locked)censored4 months ago10
New colors!censored4 months ago3
Request threadcensored5 months ago8
What are your favorite tags/combinations?censored5 months ago1
Links to find more censored hentaicensored6 months ago5
Issue With The Alias SystemRenZenTenDen7 months ago1
Question about tagging - Original or Censored?Quarz7 months ago1
Censoring DoujinsPajamaFox8 months ago1
Tagging To-Do Listcensored9 months ago0
css discussioncensored9 months ago12
Relocated to /trash/OCF9 months ago2
Mass Downloader toolcensored10 months ago0
3D imagessenior_anime11 months ago1

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